When starting any fitness routine, proper form and technique are crucial for successful results and injury prevention. Whether you are healthy or just recovering from an injury, we can design a custom program based on your needs, fitness level and goals. 

You will  start with a thorough assessment, primarily looking for imbalances that need to be addressed and areas of weakness that need to be developed. The goal is to work with you to make the program as achievable and customized as possible. The assessment, design and coaching of your program is carried out by Meg. Being a physiotherapist with adjunct training in rehab Pilates and strengthening/conditioning, she has a unique skill-set to provide very specific and effective exercises to get you strong in a healthy, safe way. 

The range of plans and personal attention is completely tailored to your needs.  The most basic package would include assessment with a detailed, self-directed program for you to follow at home, with a follow-up every 6-8 weeks for alterations and progressions to the program. However, if you feel that you need more coaching and hands-on facilitation,  individualized sessions can be booked to carry-out the program and progress along the way. 

Please contact fit via our contact form for more information.