Post-Natal Assessment and Return-to-Fitness Package


Post-Natal Assessment and Return-to-Fitness Package


A comprehensive post-natal assessment and treatment plan. Includes the following: 

  • Full 1-hour one-on-one assessment looking at posture, core strength, diastasis, areas of restriction and weakness and appropriate exercise prescription
  • 4 1-hour follow up sessions including (if needed) manual therapy, exercise review/modification and progression. 
  • A detailed, customized exercise plan emailed to you with videos and instruction to help get you started with your rehabilitation. 
  • Resistance bands to facilitate strengthening and stabilization work. 

This is a comprehensive plan that any mom will benefit from to set them up properly on the path back to fitness post-baby. 

$575 value if booked separately for only $500. 

Receipts issued that can be claimed under extended-health benefits. 

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