We all start somewhere......

Science. I studied science in school so that I could always be either right or wrong. There was little to no subjectivity, no room for interpretation. You were either correct or incorrect, you wrote factual lab reports, not flowery essays -- and I loved it. Yet, here I find myself in a profession, that is so multifaceted and complex that EVERYTHING falls the grey area. Oh, and look at me, I'm blogging.....and tweeting. What have I become?!?!

Here is one thing I know for sure; it turns out I love what I do. I like to think of myself as a detective of the body, a Sherlock Bones, if you will (wah, wahh). As for the writing, it's not my jam. However, in order to expand, learn and develop, we must leave that comfortable, familiar space we all like to exist in. I tell my clients to do this everyday when it comes to their physical limits, so I should expect nothing less of myself. Plus, I'm too competitive to be a hypocrite :)

So, here is my VERY humble and raw attempt to communicate via the Interweb. I will stick to what I know: Fitness + Physio. This is my passion and I am on a mission to share all I know -- well, the good stuff, anyway. The stuff that will keep you healthy, injury-free and fit as a fox! Come join the journey.