This Sh!t is Bananas. Being (banana) split up the middle: A fresh (produce) perspective.

Diastasis. Recti. Abdominus. My computer tries to autocorret each of those words because they don't register as English. Touche. It is perhaps the perfect analogy to what we do in reality with this disorder - try to autocorrect. The next thing you know you are texting your boss about your rectum and Bob's your Uncle. 

Perhaps I need to back-up....

Diastasis Recti Abdominus (DRA) is a fancy term for a separation in the abdominals (no need to send auto-corrected texts about your rectum. Cautionary tale - it happened to me). It is believed to happen to 100% of women at some point in their pregnancy (is this any surprise?) and while most will recover very well, up to 1/3 of women still have a separation at 8 weeks postpartum - of which most still have the same separation at 1 year postpartum. Great. Another perk of creating human life. 

With a lot of buzz circulating around about DRA (good), there is a lot of focus on the separation and how to "close the gap" and less about what the functional repercussions are (bad). 

I have made a video to perhaps shed light on what this separation really means and the implications on our core strength. I use bananas. It is mildly entertaining. Please give it a watch and if you feel so inclined - share with your mama friends. Not only to get a laugh at my expense, but to start the conversation because I am tired of treating women in their 50s and 60s that have had core issues that stem back to poor postpartum recovery (yes, it is something you need to RECOVER from, not bounce back from). That's all. Off my soap box (for now). Enjoy the show!