Post-Partum Rehab: Cutting through the BS

I'm not sure what to call this. Is it a VLOG? Is it a VLOG within a BLOG? Do these letters stand for something and need to be capitalized, or just it just appear like I am shouting? I am intolerably ignorant to this whole world of social media, so bare with me, friends!

The intent of the video below is to send out a message to all the mamas. Sure, written text can be incredibly impactful, but sometimes you just need to hear me curse and make strange movements with my hands to get the point! All kidding aside, I hope this video serves an important purpose - which is to have an honest discussion about the (dismal) state of affairs on post-partum rehabilitation. Women need more positive and productive information about how to reconnect with their bodies. There is so much noise and non-sense about postpartum fitness and hopefully this video cuts through some of the B.S. 

I promise, I am only just getting watch out ;)

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