Rehabilitation Pilates involves a systematic movement-based approach to neuromuscular re-education. It is guided by observing and understanding optimal and non-optimal movement strategies and how they correlate with pain and dysfunction. 

Rehabilitation Pilates is an excellent transition from injury back to full activity. We focus on stabilizing from the core outwards and incrementally adding on more challenging progressions as proper movement patterns are restored. Rehabilitation Pilates is also an effective adjunct to sport-specific training to improve strength and avoid the common muscle imbalances may occur. 

STOTT® Pilates is a world-renowned method and is gaining much attention with Health Care Providers as a recognized approach to treatment and injury prevention. 

At Phit we integrate the following equipment to create a diverse and interesting training environment:

  • mat

  • STOTT® V2 max reformer

  • stability ball

  • stability discs

  • toning balls/weights

  • Bosu Ball®

  • Theraband®

  • Fitness Circle®

  • Halo Trainer®


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